Reflexology Testimonials

I first started Reflexology with Gaylee Leazott in October of 2013. I have been suffering from severe headaches for many years. The headaches had become steadily worse in the past couple of years. I had these headaches nearly every day, sometimes they would last for days without relief.

I tried physical therapy (at significant expense). It was very time consuming as they wanted to work with me two to three times a week. Two months into the treatments, things were not any better. In fact my headaches were worse. Missing all this time from work was not appreciated at my place of employment.

My co-worker had gone to a health fair where Gaylee had a booth. She gave Gaylee's reflexology a try and was amazed that it had helped her headache.

I was desperate for help, so I set up an appointment with Gaylee. I had immediate improvement that same evening. It was such a relief!

There was one other area where I felt reflexology helped. This area is my recovery from bunion surgery in November. My first reflexology treatment was on October 25. My surgery was on November 14. I had a second reflexology treatment on November 26. I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon December 16. After taking a look at the incision, he stated from the looks of the incision, I must be at my 8 week mark. When I stated that my surgery was only 4 weeks ago, he was surprised. He said it was healing beautifully.

While I still have headaches, they are much less frequent, short in duration, and much more manageable.

I can't praise Gaylee and Reflexology enough! I am so grateful to have found some relief.