Reiki Testimonials

Being in the medical profession for 35 years, I was skeptical. But the treatment Gaylee gave me when I was visiting was SPOT on. Not only did I feel better afterwards, but she asked me about several areas of concern that we had never discussed. I thought it was voodoo, but you were amazing and I am so impressed.

- F.

I was amazed at the skill you demonstrated. After the treatment, painful body areas felt fine and my whole body felt relaxed. I highly recommend Gaylee's services.

- G.

After you gave me my first treatment, I was sold. I have tried a couple of other gals, and it just wasn't the same. You do a wonderful job. Wish I lived closer to become a permanent client!

- M.

After my treatment, I was amazed at how my painful body felt good and relaxed. You are a wonderful person and extremely skilled.

- H.